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Oakland CA 94601 US

Hardworking, Honest, Dependable, Trustworthy

1.Planning a move is the one major step in a successful move. Avoid any problems by utilizing a plan or checklist.

2.Reserve parking in front your home or apartment closer access to load your rental moving truck is faster service.

3.Make known to mover of any specialities itemor real estate obstacles including stairs, steps, elevators, long walks, parking, trees and bushes.

4.If moving out of or into a building with elevators, contact the building management for any guidelines and to schedule the use of the elevators.

5.If moving out of a commercial building contact the building management for any guidelines that must be followed.

6.Have an appraiser appraise valuable items to support items value.

7.File change of address with the post office, employers, schools, doctors, utilities, child care providers, banks, mortgages, safe deposit boxes, auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity loans, cell phone providers, insurance companies, IRA’s, IRS, accountant, Brokers, Department of Motor Vehicles, Family members and friends.

8.Pack, move and storepersonal belongs until move is complete.

9.Empty and or air out the refrigerator especially for long storage periods to prevent mold.

10.Clean out Bar B Q Pit and disconnect gas.

11.Get rid off items no longer wanted or needed.

12.All items to be moved should be cleaned and be removed of any articles.

13.Pack items and or articles that can be packed in boxes.

14.Use correct boxes for correct items. Books and heaver items for small boxes. Larger items, linens and clothes for medium boxes. Bedding and linens for large boxes. Dishes for dish packs. Clothes on hangers for wardrobe boxes. Pictures in picture boxes.

15.Small to large miscellaneous items that are not breakable can be packed in large wardrobe boxes.

16.Use additional packing paper when packing breakable items in boxes.

17.Use clothing and or towels to protect items in boxes.

18.Double box fragile items or electronics with at least a two inch of popcorn between boxes.

19.A packed box should be packed tightly with no item movement. A packed box can be lightly shaken to hear any noises.

20.Tape up and label all boxes.

21.Have “open me first” boxes marked.

22.If time and money are a factor, disassemble any items, disconnect any appliances and or electronics and or bring items from upstairs to downstairs.

23.Drain gas and oil from power equipment (lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc.).

24.Make sure to be present at pick up and at final destination to answer any questions the movers may have.

25.Have an idea where furniture will be placed at new location.

26.Consider having felt pads for wood floors.

27.Have proper payment at end of the move for moving company.

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